Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Coach

Are you ready to live the BEST VERSION OF YOU?


1. Accountability for your DREAMS! Many people talk about that body or life they want, but never actually bring it into reality. Coaches make a plan of action, that is REALISTIC and ATTAINABLE and works within the guidelines of your lifestyle!

2. Create a Reliable and Trustworthy Support System! Coaches provide the necessary resources and assurance to support you during the times of worry, doubt, and inconsistency. STRESS LESS and BE YOUR BEST! :)

3. A Plan of Action for SUCCESS! We all have great ideas, but what happens if those ideas just go flutter away and are lost in the chaos of life? What if 20 years down the road we are regretting not taking care of ourselves and living in disease, depression, or scarcity? Coaches focus on the now and moving forward into living your dreams!

4. Increase your Focus and Clarity! You’ll gain a CLEAR VIEW on your personal desires and finally have a way to achieve them with ease and grace!

5. Increase your Confidence and Self Empowerment! Coaches teach and inspire you to discover your power WITHIN and to use this in your daily life. As a result you become more confident in your body, mind and soul and can take on any challenge in life with more ease and grace!

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See what Fiona’s Clients are Celebrating!!

Fiona is the best trainer I have ever had. She is patient, grounded, humorous, and really fun. Working with her I have lost weight, eliminated my chronic neck and back pain, and am more energetic and happy!” ~Patty Sass

“Fiona’s training strengthens my muscles better than just working on the machines. She has been extremely emotionally and mentally supportive to me in my life. It is holistic medicine for me! She is sensitive, caring, and that’s the best type of trainer I can have. Her sincere care for me makes me want to care more for my self!” ~ Anita Yox

“After 6 weeks of working with Fiona, I’ve lost 5 pounds and 2 % body fat. Beyond that, exercise has permeated every aspect of my life; self confidence, increased balance and sense of well being. Fiona’s focus on the whole total person makes a difference! Having a trainer creates accountability and gives me somebody to celebrate your fitness with!” ~Mary Davis

“The idea of working with a trainer has been totally new to me, so when it came to switching from my original one to Fiona, I was obviously nervous. BUT, Fiona, has been great. She has a very positive and complimentary spirit when it comes to my accomplishments and challenges me to only get better at everything. She has been super supportive is what’s been happening in my life outside the gym along with being there for me with a plan for my workouts. She’s just a very sweet young lady that helps me to want to follow her lead.” ~Pam Arthur

“Training with Fiona is everything I always imagined working with a trainer should be, and more. My favorite aspect of her approach is that she coaches her clients both physically and emotionally, and she knows that true fulfillment starts from within. Her combination of emotional support and fitness expertise has helped me not only become more physically fit, but has inspired me to start the journey of self-love and acceptance. I highly recommend Fiona as a coach and trainer to anyone who desires to commit to life-long happiness.” ~Malia Lindsey

“I really appreciate the work we do and your skill, talent and intuitive approach! Fiona has various tools and protocols to draw from, but I like the organic nature of how things flow and unfold in our sessions. It doesn’t feel scripted or wrote but like how she skillfully discerns what needs to happen and where things would be best to go at any given moment!! It is very inspiring to work with her and an honor to benefit from her intuition and deep wisdom.” ~Char Heitman

“After 20 years of Therapy and personal growth, coaching has helped me move forward in the most profound ways. Fiona has a unique gift of insight and affirmation that she brings to help encourage changes in the most positive and inspirational way. The timing in my life could not have been more perfect it was truly a joy to experience. After 14 weeks of coaching, I met the love of my life which was my goal!” ~Dave Rothman


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