Life is a journey, filled with ups and downs.
We all ride the wave of life.
Sometimes, we can use some help navigating through the challenging waters!
As a Certified Planetary Life Coach I am here to assist YOU!
To re-discover the POWER and WISDOM within, that allows clients to make the realistic changes they truly want!


Evert moment of my life has led me to this service.
My intention is to help the world evolve and transform, one person at a time!
I am a Certified Planetary Life Coach, Certified Fitness Trainer, and Reiki Master.
I am also a Dance Instructor, with over 10 years experience in performance and instruction.
I believe in the power of transforming the self through the healing of the body, mind and spirit!
I believe that EVERYBODY deserves a HAPPY and FULFILLING LIFE!
I work with clients who are ready to move forward, heal, transform, and enhance their lives. Life Coaching is reserved for those who are willing to dedicate themselves to achieving their dreams and goals, for personal evolution and wholeness.
*Life Coaching is different from therapy, mentoring, and psychotherapy. I am not licensed to work with deeper emotional traumas, or mental illness. Life Coaching is an answer to those who are ready to move forward and can benefit from the motivation, tools, and techniques to realistically achieve their true potential!
Call today for a FREE Consultation! I am available for Coaching sessions via phone, Skype and in person.
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