About Fiona Rose

I am a Certified Personal Trainer (ISSA and NASM Programs) and Women’s Fitness Coach.

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With over 10 years in the Fitness Industry, I have helped thousands of Women to RECLAIM their HEALTH AND JOY!
I have over 11 years experience as a Professional Belly Dancer and performer.
I am a Licensed Zumba Basic and Gold instructor, teaching classes and workshops for women of all ages!
I am passionate about dance and fitness because it is my JOY and I live it every day.
I work with a variety of clients, all ages and sizes. I have experience working with kids, teens, seniors, rehab patients, and couples.
I am also a Certified ThetaHealer, and combine this into my Coaching. My clients experience a FULL transformation: Body, Mind and Spirit.
My goal is to help women transform their bodies and minds so they can live the fullest most JOYFUL life!
“I was born with the right to live and I was born with the right to give!”

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